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  • Do You need help right now to revitalise your marketing?
  • Are you feeling frustrated by low enquiries from your website?
  • Not listed highly on Google?
  • Want to know how to generate more traffic to your website?
  • Are you seeing the benefits of using Social media?

I can help Transform Your Marketing

Why would You Benefit?

If your website cannot be found on Google or if it is being found but you are not receiving many enquiries or clients from it because of poor web design, then you are passing up a massive opportunity of expanding your business and you will never know how many clients you are losing to your colleagues. It’s costing you money and the potential to reach more people with your expertise and knowledge.

When your potential clients are reading other practitioners websites because they are engaging, their blogs, following them on Twitter or watching them on YouTube, you will never hear from them.

New media has changed the way we market ourselves and if you aren’t using it properly, your business will suffer. This is now a reality!

How I can help You Transform Your Marketing

I shall tell you how you can turn your website around quickly and cost effectively and make it a success, working for you instead of against you.

My Consultancy is both Inspiring and Practical enabling you to leave with practical steps that you can implement easily and quickly, transforming your marketing.

How do we do this?

We do this using our proven 4 Step Methodology for creating a successful website/marketing

  1. We first do a full analysis of your current business and marketing and where you want to go. We define your target audience and whether you are selling to their needs. We help you define your Unique Selling Point so you can differentiate yourself from your competition and attract the right clients.
  2. We review your website: we look at the design and how you use it to connect and engage with your prospects.
    We define the elements that are required to utilise the website as a lead generation vehicle so you can grow your business in the long term
    We also look at the Content and see whether it sells the benefits of what you do to the needs of your prospects.
  3. We review your placement on Google for various keywords and tell you what needs to be done to make you list on the first page of Google.
    We show you how drive more traffic to your website
  4. We show you how you can promote your website using many free tools that are available on the web and how to utilise Social Media and build relationships and Community, helping you become an expert in your field.
Your Success!

Working with Marek

To work with Marek is fun, creative and stimulating. Marek has taught me many things I needed to know about how to promote my work, to create networks, to make a business plan and to connect to people from a place of authenticity. He works with generosity, without really looking at the clock to bring to an end a coaching session, as he really values the person first! His enthusiasm is contagious, he supported enormously my vision, gave me precious suggestions and guidelines and helped me creating many events. He is open and flexible and has always accepted gently when I just suddenly wanted to go in another direction.

I recommend his work to all those who want to create their own professional life in the holistic field and want to create abundance from a loving core. He is absolutely a specialist in his field and one of those pioneers that bring new elements in marketing, which it becomes an exciting area for people to thrive and be in the heart space at the same time. Marek`s coaching sessions uplifted and strengthened my creativity and my deep sense of purpose, as all I could hear from him it was a big yes. to my work. I could share with him many laughters and tears, as our work together was unfolding and I was trusting that he was one of those people who was really witnessing and supporting that I was becoming the person I want and dream to be.

- Laura Valenti, Harmonic Inspiration, Drum circles, London

From our one-on-one meeting last week, Marek’s professionalism and attention to detail has inspired a healthy new view of my very troubled website. I am more confident and less intimidated, in the design of my page, by confusing ‘web talk’. Thank you Marek, I believe that my web site will now become a valuable asset to my business.

- Heather Hayes, Complementary Practitioner

Marek and his team have given me a high potency website. The combination of understanding what we homeopaths do, and understanding web stuff and software is unbeatable. I have had a steady trickle of new patients through my site. The team have coped well with regular additions and minor changes. Do not postpone making contact with Marek and start to grow your practice.

- Francis Treuherz, Homeopath

My Vision Session with Marek was the turning point for me to see myself as the strong, bold resource that I truly am and not simply the Life Coach I originally thought. Marek’s passion for what he does has delivered me out of the humble, one dimensional ideal of myself and has changed the direction of my business aimed at a place I was only secretly dreaming about. With Marek’s vision and easy going support, I will reach heights in my new business that I have only privately imagined. Here’s to you, Marek, may your kindness and generosity come back to you 50 fold!" Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Gina Vitalone, Holistic Life Coach

I have had more enquiries than usual and more so for the Gerrards Cross clinic, most people have found me through my website so definitely it has helped thanks.

- Davina Butler, Complementary Therapist

I have been consulting Marek for the past year. In that time I have seen a much greater presence online. I have now reached the first page on google and regularly receive online enquiries, which often result in consultations. Marek reviews what I have done, suggests more workable solutions and generally keeps me busy!

- Madeleine Innocent, Homeopath, Perth, Australia

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