Dedicated to Holistic and CAM Practitioners
Who We Are

We are a team of web designers and holistic practitioners, led by Marek, Founder of VITAL dedicated to serving and promoting holistic practitioners and their therapies, through the web. VITAL operates Worldwide.

What We Do
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“We love to create and design beautiful, professional websites that are search engine friendly and ultimately attract new clients to your practice, helping you grow”.

How We Do It

We do it by being passionate about design and utilising the Divine Principle (read about this in Wikipedia) in all our designs. We see the web as a mirror of the Universe and your website attracting the clients you deserve. We are successful because everybody is loved and respected at VITAL and we are all about maximising our growth and potential!

Why We Do It

We do it because we love creating and designing and Our Mission is to develop professional websites for CAM Practitioners that will promote CAM and Holistic Therapies to people and improve their health and well being.

What We Would Like From You

To keep in regular contact with us to tell us how your practice is developing and how we can help promote you and your practice and help you GROW.

Why Choose VITAL?
  1. Because we have 12 years experience in the web industry and are purely dedicated to creating websites for Holistic and Complementary Medicine Practitioners.
  2. Because we design beautiful websites that reflect you and your inspiration.
  3. Because we are run by a successful homeopath who loves holistic and complementary medicine.
  4. Because we want to develop a long term relationship with you to make your website a success
  5. Because we help to promote your website and fully support it
  6. Because you will enjoy working with us and grow your practice at the same time
  7. Because as a valued client you will receive 10% cash commission in any referrals you give us.

Marek, Founder of VITAL

Marek and Paul

Marek is recognised as Britain's leading expert on website design and website marketing for the Health and Complementary Healthcare Sector.

He inspires and shows practitioners, entrepreneurs and business people how to attract more clients and grow your business through marketing, your website and personal awareness.

Read here how Marek has helped many practitioners realise their Vision

My Mission is to help find Your Brilliant light within - express Your Uniqueness and reflect this in how you market your practice. This will Evolve Your practice, Attract the clients You want and Grow Your practice - Result: Increasing Your wealth

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you and talk to you how we can inspire your practice with a website.

We operate in the UK and Internationally from London and Manchester. Click here to go to our contact page.