“The gift of true vision requires only a willingness to open your eyes to first, find the horizon. Once fixated on the horizon comes the ability to see beyond, where the true magic of life exists”


Would You Like to Evolve your Holistic Practice/ Business ?

It's all about You-Your Vision for Your Practice and how you want your practice to Evolve and Grow-From Your Heart!

Your VISION consultancy is a full analysis of your current practice: what’s working - what needs improving and most importantly where you want to end up.

The sessions are both practical and inspiring, and you will leave with an action plan to take forward and implement that will have an immediate impact.

Latest VISION session with Soul Transformational Coach, Kristina Rogers

Marek with Kristina Rogers

“Marek helped me take a fresh look at my website. I had felt like there was a lack of flow and it no longer represented my intentions for it. He was able to help me re-orient it, create a far superior flow, and optimize the backend search engine optimisation so I’d get more response to it.”

“Marek brings an aliveness and verve to his work that helped me find the inspiration I needed to make change. I highly recommend him and his work” www.kristinarogers.guide

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Scoping Your Website with You

Creating Your Vision for Your practice

Your Vision for Your practice Begin with the end in mind

Are You Feeling You want to take Your Practice to another level?

Defining your Vision, is the most important step to take, because it not only forms the foundation for your website but your practice in terms of what you want to create and achieve.

The first question we ask is, What is Your Vision for your business? Actually visualize where you want to be with yourself and your practice within a time frame. We use this session as an opportunity to look at your whole practice- what is working, what is not? What are you enjoying and what are you struggling with?

Also what is your USP? This is your unique selling point. It is what differentiates you from everyone else and determines who you are, your business and your brand and the power of your attraction to the clients you want . This will help to formulate a strong message and image of your practice to your prospective clients of what you are about and why they should come to you.

  • How many clients do you want to attract?
  • How much do you want to earn?

Visualising at the beginning, with the end in mind and setting your intention gives a clear message to the Universe of what you want. Visualise yourself receiving enquiries from your website - really feel it. When you feel you already have it, you are in your power- you are poised, present and grateful- the Universe cannot help to deliver what you have asked for.

When we do this process I have seen time and time again that the website re-inspires the practitioner and their practice and guess what they attract more clients both on line and off line. The key is trust, relax and remain focused on your business.

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About Your Visionary Facilitator – Marek
- VITAL Founder

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Marek Duchnowski

Marek Duchnowski is recognised as Britain's leading expert on website design and website marketing for the Health and Complementary Healthcare Sector.

“I think Marek displays a perfect balance between technical expertise and insight and awareness of the CAM practitioner”. Hilary Davies Nutritionist

He inspires and shows practitioners, entrepreneurs and business people how to attract more clients and grow your business through marketing, your website and personal awareness.

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His background is in web design and website marketing, for the last 26 years. He created and ran Medifile Ltd - the largest supplier of websites to the NHS. He pioneered websites for the NHS and developed many information websites for NHS organisations. Then in 2001 he started studying homeopathy www.spirithomeopath.com This inspired his love of holistic therapies and quickly he saw the need for CAM/Health practitioners to be better represented on the web in a more professional manner. Hence VITAL web design was started to promote CAM practitioners on the web and to help them attract more clients to improve people’s health.