VITAL VISION Testimonials - Realise Your Potential

Sam, Practitioner

“I’m just going to write this down whilst its on my mind. Without exception your life is inspiring. Thank you for making your dreams reality. Your actions enrich the lives of those lucky enough to cross paths with you. Today has been a blessing. Thanks”!

Stuart Haden, Master Coach on Authentic Leadership.

“Handing over the design of your website can be daunting but Marek at Vital Web Design makes it easy because he encourages a step by step approach. First the ecourse, which is packed of learning and a great way to get a feel for Vital's design and marketing philosophy. Then a vision session that added the much needed energy when I couldn't see the wood for the trees. Once I discovered Marek it was a no brainer for me to work with him - an expert in design, marketing and holistic practice is an unique and valuable fusion of gifts. Everyone else I spoken to focussed on the technical side but he wanted to know more about my energy. Love it!”

Gael McCool, FEEL inc. For Enlightened Emotional Living.

“I chose Marek as my web designer because it was clear that he is a visionary with a genuine passion for the healing arts. He listens with all his senses, quickly absorbs and reflects back the essence of your ideas, and translates them into tangible form. It is a pleasure to work with someone so enthusiastic and responsive.”

Jill Gilmore, Intuitive Guide and Healer

“Marek, thank you for such an inspiring and empowering Vision Consultancy! I knew when I decided to take my healing practice to the next level, I needed a web designer with vision, intuition, skill and passion for what they do -- I have definitely found this in you! I have felt in good, wise hands since the moment we made contact. You really "got" what I was trying to convey -- my website went from a dream into a do-able reality, guided by you. I look forward to a long, rewarding, and successful relationship, and I will absolutely recommend you to all my colleagues who want to take their practice to the next level. Blessings, Jill”.

Naveen Dunney, NLP Expert

“Having spent over four years searching for a designer who for me “got it” my search finally brought me to the Vital web design company and Marek. From the first contact right up to now, Marek has been nothing but inspirational, understanding, empathic.
Marek has shown me “ How I need to be able to sale the sizzle” so to Marek and his team, I say thank you for taking such good care of my baby. To paraphrase WB Yeats..”I have only my dreams,I have spread my dreams under your feet,tread softly because you tread on my dreams.””.

Vanessa Gruninger, Naturopath & Massage Therapist

“Thank you very much for your time and the Vital Vision Session with you. It was very inspiring and helped me to channel my ideas into a form as well as to understand the first steps of successful marketing. I feel understood, in good hands and look forward to have my website created by you. Vanessa X”.

Gina Vitalone, Holistic Life Coach

“My Vision Session with Marek was the turning point for me to see myself as the strong, bold resource that I truly am and not simply the Life Coach I originally thought. Marek’s passion for what he does has delivered me out of the humble, one dimensional ideal of myself and has changed the direction of my business aimed at a place I was only secretly dreaming about. With Marek’s vision and easy going support, I will reach heights in my new business that I have only privately imagined. Here’s to you, Marek, may your kindness and generosity come back to you 50 fold! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”.

Sophia Taylor

“Having a one to one vision session with Marek of Vital Web Design was one of the best decisions, on both a personal and business level, I have ever made!

I was amazed at how much we achieved in the 2 hours and how easy and painless it was! The Vision questions and exercises Marek sent to me prior to our meeting were so helpful. They really encouraged me to stop and focus on exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Marek has a wonderful ability to make the most of every moment through pertinent questioning and challenging ideas. This winning formula helped me to step back and re-examine what I want to achieve as a therapist, where I want my practice to go, who I want to reach and how to go about it using the power of the worldwide web. Throughout our session Marek really listened to what I had to say and then gave clear, practical and knowledgeable advice that left me feeling really inspired not only about my future website but about my therapy business as a whole. The session left me with a sense of clarity and genuine enthusiasm and renewed energy for the future. I am really looking forward to working with Marek and his team on creating my unique website and cannot wait to see the end result! Thank you Marek.”.

Bara Stasna Nutritional Therapist

“thank You very much for the session today!

It was a pleasure meeting You and discussing my plans. I left the place feeling very happy, loaded with ideas & tips and satisfied that I made the right choice choosing Your guidance.

As a guide You provided a beautifully relaxed open-hearted space, helping to clarify and supporting my vision, encouraging to start to make it a reality as well as much appreciated technical info!

Now it's up to me to cook the amazing meal from all those ingredients offered:-) May the universal powers stand by me!”.

Kiera Petersen CranioSacral Therapist

“Marek has an amazing knack of finding and bringing out creative talents, which may have been overlooked. He does this in a way that is both empowering and inspiring. Thank you so much Marek from the bottom of my heart, in helping me to live my dream”.

Marilena Minucci, MS, CHHC New York, Wellness Coach & Educator

“My Visioning session with Marek has left me even more excited about the possibiities for growing my practice. Our discussion helped me focus effectively on my message and on what services I need to promote. His marketing expertise guided me in sorting through a pile of unorganized thoughts and come out with targeted ideas that I know will help me move forward. Working with VITAL Web Design gives me the sense of having a partner who truly understands my vision and my goals and who is dedicated to my success and the delivery of my particular gifts to the world”.

Petronella Ravenshear, Metabolic Balance® Coach. Chelsea Nutrition

“Having the scoping consultancy with Marek was invaluable. I didn’t have much of an idea of how I wanted my website to look and it was so helpful to have this session and to talk through options and ideas. Marek is really inspiring and passionate about what he does. I’m very grateful to him for his help and advice and so glad I went ahead with the scoping – I can’t wait to see the end result!”.

Sue Farrer, Dental Homeopath

“Marek has provided a new focus to my personal development, shifted perspective and widened my outlook on potential marketing opportunities. He has removed mental blocks on the art of the possible, created a new personal market brand and a quality marketing tool. I look forward to the new website. Thank you.”.

Elham, EFT Practitioner, Sound Healer, Health Researcher

“I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Marek to any one who’s thinking about developing a new website. It’s just a great opportunity to sit and talk through your ideas and your dreams and your passions as a healer with some one who understands what you’re talking about AND is interested in helping you make money from your practice. What a great combination. Marek affirmed my dreams and made them even bigger! In short, it was an authentic, interesting, affirming and expansive meeting which has left me feeling great. Give it a try ! love and gratitude, Elham.”.

Justine Evans, Nutritionist

“Thank you for such as positive meeting. It was so beneficial to brain-storm with a fellow practitioner who understands CAM and the web! Your support helped direct our exciting creative ideas into a new web-site - which ultimately will help me to fulfill my vision. I left the meeting feeling inspired for the future. Thank you Marek, and I look forward to seeing my new site”.

Sharon King, EFT Practitioner

“Marek what a pleasure it was working with you and boy what a powerful session it was. Not only did we effortlessly work though creating my new website, but together, we created my new company, all in that one session... with your gentle guidance, enthusiasm and your intuition it enabled us to birth a new business... a Magical New Beginning for me. it was so much more than a meeting to create a website.. Thank you so much for your help, energy and guidance and I can't wait to see and enjoy the website we are creating together. Love and Magic.. ”.

Annette Ansell, Psychotherapist and Counsellor

“Thank you for being so patient, understanding and excited about the future of my practice last Wednesday. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and the three hours seemed to fly by! I felt moved and inspired by your skill, knowledge and enthusiasm and privileged to be benefiting by your dedication to my website. I know I am going to enjoy our working alliance and I want to thank you for rejuvenating my dynamism and hope for my counseling and psychotherapy business. ”.

Carmela Rosbottom, Beauty and Holistic Therapist

“Thank you too for your generosity in time, spirit and heart. Your enthusiasm and understanding of my vision together with your encouragement to lead me there is much appreciated.

The experience is completely about you. Marek's ability to understand your needs, transform your ideas and inspire you is truly a gift.

I am excited and looking forward to working with you on the development of my website.

From the moment you meet Marek you know you are being taken care of. Whether you are part of a workshop with others or encountering a one to one session all aspects of your needs are taken care of and there is much to be gained from both. At no time does it feel like "just business"”.

Gina Hardy, Relationship Practitioner

“I think the single most valuable thing I gained from meeting with Marek was the instilling confidence that I am here to contribute something very important to humanity and right where I am now I can "get out there and do it" ! His child-like humour and bright inner light helped make the coaching session very easy and informal and he asked some very simple but challenging questions that really made me stop talking and think ! It was like meeting an old friend again who gave a very big helping hand to push me forward. Thank you Marek”.

Cecilia Hazelrigg, Counsellor

“I left our meeting on a positive high, full of excitement and bursting with enthusiasm, invigorated and inspired. The more I think about it, the clearer in my own mind I get, about my work and my journey, which is exciting in itself as it lifts the spirit and raises energy levels...! Thank you”.

Balram Kaushal, Managing Director

“I wanted to thank you for the time spent during our recent consultancy session.

One too easily gets caught-up with the day-to-day running of a business and forgets to come up for air once in a while and survey the landscape.

Having the opportunity to look at things with a fresh eye and with your excellent guidance to focus once again on the core values of the business was invaluable. I found I was able to talk about things with a passion that is lost when one gets mired in the daily routine.

So, thank you for your expertise and I look forward to our next meeting.”

Marielle Churquai, Yoga Practitioner

“The consultancy meeting I had with Marek was extremely helpful. It clarified for me what I wanted to achieve by having a website built, made me think about what clients I wanted to attract and the vision the website should reflect.

What at first appeared a daunting task of getting a website designed turned into an engaging process that flowed smoothly. I came out of my meeting with Marek feeling very motivated and energised.

I would highly recommend having a Vision Consultancy for anyone who is embarking on their website. Good luck and enjoy!”.

Ian Wood, Practitioner

“I found meeting with Marek and having a consultation about my new web site very inspiring. I was able to see new ways in which I could connect with and attract new clients. It was very helpful to have a sympathetic ear from a fellow Complementary Health Professional who was able to understand both the Health aspect from an emotional point of view as well as advising me from his long experience in business and web site design. Many practical tips were given on connecting with patients in my area including placing key words and local areas on my home page which would come up on search engines. Most of all it was an enjoyable experience”.

Paul Bowen, East Sussex

“I can recommend anyone who is looking for guidance in their career path to use Marek Duchnowski as he has helped me gain insight into my own abilities and has given me a new confidence in helping me see the potential I have as a person. His enthusiasim and common sense approach will help anyone who needs guidance on who they are and where they are going in life. He rebuilds one's confidence and guides you to use one's inner strength and intuition to fulfill one's aspirations. Since my sessions with Marek I have a new found positiveness and confidence in all that I do”.

Jenny Haylock, Registered Homeopath

“I am so pleased that I attended a one to one consultation with Marek. I found it so helpful. Marek's warm and welcoming nature not only helped me to think through the creative ideas for my website, but also helped to formulate ideas for my business as a whole. It was a really valuable experience and I left feeling extremely excited about the design of my site. Many, many thanks for your time, patience and guidance”.

Melissa Fairbanks, Practitioner

“I am completely and totally delighted with my website! Never having had one before, I had no idea where to begin - and luckily - I didn't have to.

Marek and his amazing team were always readily available to help me through every step of the way with wonderful suggestions and expert advice - as well as seemingly endless patience and encouragement.

Marek, Dan and all concerned have a true gift to not only be able to produce such beautiful and professional work that reflects all one wishes to convey - but to do so with such a sense of it being a really personal service, where one is individually listened to and your unique end-product really cared about. I am delighted to already have had referrals from the website in just a couple of months.

It was a great experience, and has turned out more beautifully then I could ever have imagined. Thank you Marek”!

Lilias Ahmeira, Practitioner

“I have found Marek's business experience wonderful as a sounding board to help me ascertain the direction I need to go in to promote my business. His knowlege of the market place has been invaluable in helping me to make decisions. I would highly recommend his experience and expertise to all who need a little help and direction.”

Anita Kaushal

“Marek is able to work with his clients to bring out their vision enabling them to realise their dreams through careful, considered management stratergies. When you work with Marek you feel as if you are in partnership with someone who truly cares for your business as much as you do. ”

Tarik Dervish, Yoga and Ayurvedic Practitioner

“I found the meeting helped me to crystalise ideas that have been brewing in my head for a while in the anticipation of using them to realise something bigger than what currently exists in my work. ”